1955 VW Karmann Ghia Launches

Volkswagen offered the Karmann-Ghia coupe the Kasino resort in Westphalia, Germany. As the ecu vehicle market has ultimately recovered from the war, Volkswagen discovered it necessary to free up an “image automotive” to accompany its simple however dependable “Bugs and buses.”
Volkswagen was once now not the one automobile firm searching for a flagship car on the time. Chevrolet Corvette launched and the Ford Thunderbird. The Chrysler organization had a contract with the Italian design agency Ghia create fashions of Chrysler a dream automobile, but no fashions have borne fruit.

in the meantime, Volkswagen had a contract with German coach Karmann-builder for their own picture car, and Karmann, in turn, had subcontracted to Ghia tenders for the design. finally, Karmann Ghia supplied Chrysler with a model of their design, modifications to the plan of the Volkswagen Beetle.

The Karmann-Ghia used to be released in 1956 a adaptation of Volkswagen. the car strains and crafts hand drawn consideration Volkswagen had hoped. however, as the game as a Karmann-Ghia considered, he suffered from his four dishes 36hp engine within the field of power. then again, the Karmann-Ghia 10000 devices bought in its first 12 months of production, and with the discharge of convertible in 1958, production reached 18000 devices for a yr.

gross sales have elevated often during 1960, attaining a top of 33000 cars per 12 months. while basic Motors and Ford on their Corvette and Thunderbird, respectively, Volkswagen discovered that the virus has received in popularity, particularly in the U.S. market. Managers made up our minds to concentrate their efforts on the bug, the abandonment of the Karmann-Ghia, which was once remaining in 1974.

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