4 wheel drive Quark Peugeot Motor Futuristic

Let’s take a second to peer the futuristic prototypes motorcycle from Peugeot. guaranteed time you are going to no longer be wasted time!

Motor two-seater concept that’s really new. 4wd Quark includes a detachable interactive interface, the innovative PDA thought, which is the important thing settings for spark plugs blended with the instrument panel. additionally secure via a clear cover and water-proof.

4wd Quark prototypes created their own class to control the wheel of 17 inch, 4wd Quark using electrical motor connection to the chasis. Affairs of the gasoline is within the battery Nickel metallic Hydride (NiMH), which consists of 40 particular person cell, every others are 7.2 volt.

The more prototypes are being developed, the more the future of various autos.

4 wheel drive Quark Peugeot’s Futuristic Quad Prototype

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