Aston Martin One-seventy seven: Full specifications

We already knew many details of the amazing Aston Martin One-77 due to the incessant drip of photography and data which have emerged in latest months. alternatively, no hurt to verify these knowledge for the reason that there may be on a regular basis all the time some unexpected change. So now we know officially that its engine is an excellent 7.3 V12 over 700 hp. This part of the 6.0 V12 engine of the agency but more desirable with Cosworth to provide the identical power, in addition to simplifying them by using 25%.

the facility is transmitted to the rear wheels via a sequential gearbox six marches, driven by means of a cam situated in the back of the wheel. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is estimated at around 3.5 seconds whereas the utmost speed exceeds 325 km / h. this means that despite your complete automotive 1500 kg, an extraordinarily low figure taking into consideration the dimensions of the car.

enormous 20 inch wheels fit tires Pirelli P Zero Corsa 255/35 ZR20 motion in entrance and 335/30 ZR20 within the rear. among them are housed carbon brakes. The suspensions have Spool Valve Dynamic Suspension, which is used for the first time in a side road. the press unlock offers no further explanation about it.

Named probably the most noteworthy, is the turn now to take a look at the gallery, which is fairly restricted nevertheless it helps us understand a bit of higher the appearance of this monster. as a result of many people is not going to get to peer an Aston Martin One-77 in vivo, as is rumored to be constructed less than a hundred gadgets. even if you never know, the Lamborghini Reventon has all the time mentioned that only 20 had been built but there are in reality any more.

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