Catamaran Dazcat energy 15: Hydraulic gadget

DP 15, Dazcat Power is a brand new Catamaran 15 meters have been designed to Paul Scholey and his spouse Paulina.

among the most salient peculiarities of the catamaran, which has enough space passengers except 8 individuals, we should emphasize that you have full access to move a wheelchair, which will also attain the bridge, thanks a hydraulic machine.

Darren Newton, the executive fashion designer of Dazcat, has been working with any other well known fashion designer, Derick Reynolds, to create this catamaran.

The catamaran has two engines of Volvo D6 435hp and two Rolls Royce Kamewa FF340 Waterjets. It has range 278 miles @ 30kn, 381 miles @ 21kn, and 550 miles @ 14kn.

Dazcat power 15 wheelchair available cruising power catamaran

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