idea Bike Aprilia FV2 1200

This version Aprilia is a priori no longer intended to be marketed in the near future, however he can watch for the longer term bike – or attempted futuristic – the models that mark. the shape could be very bold and the concept will not be less. And for as soon as, this can be a authentic idea bike.

The Aprilia FV2 is a true pay attention of technology, a show off of understand-how capitulates. packed with electronics, this prototype hosts a V-Twin open to ninety degrees 1 196 cm3 developing 134.5 hp at 9 500 rpm for 10.5 million kg to four 000 rpm torque. Worse! The prototype weighs best 160 kg dry!

On the electronic board that promises great failures infrequently intractable on the roadside, you are going to in finding electronically controlled suspensions (almost definitely sort Esa BMW), a dashboard that would connect with a computer ( Mac?) Or a mobile phone to download a mess of paperwork, both motor and purposeful (type maps browser), a journey-by using-wire, a traction regulate, ABS latest generation.

It must be noted that the engine plays crucial function within the balance of phase-cycle of this Aprilia FV2, the concern sidewalks – and even the wicked covered gendarmes – anticipated exposure calamitous radiator water and we enjoy two megaphones (exhaust) that provide a slightly onerous on this bike of the future which we will ceaselessly discuss philosophy.

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