Eliica: electrical car eight-wheeled can stand up to 370 km per hour

As we post a while ago, the electrical automotive is the same with the setting-pleasant / eco-friendly but sluggish pace, that things will probably be changed via Keio university in Japan.

they have created an electric automobile that has Eliica (electric Lithium-Ion automobile).

This electric automotive has a surplus that’s where each eight tires (wheeled) tires have power as much as 80 horsepower and a length of just about the identical as a small truck that is 6.7 m.

the usage of the eight-wheeled of car produces electrical energy that may be rise up to speed 230 miles per hour (370 km per hour). And to reach zero-a hundred km per hour, Eliica most effective takes about 4 seconds are even quicker than the sports automotive with petrol gas.

Estimated value of making the car is US$ 320,000 and if they get investors, will begin to provide Ellica as many as 200 gadgets for the primary phase.

speed is interesting however the use of eight tires that make much less .

TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY: The eight-wheeled electrical Eliica

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