Fiat 500 Barbie: the fiftieth anniversary Barbie

On March 9 might be held in Milan, a pageant prepared by way of the Mattel toy at the conclusion of the 50th anniversary of the appearance on the market the Barbie doll, a true legend that still remains a success as of late.

Fiat did not need to leave out this opportunity to blow their own horns your automobile on the express Barbie, growing a different version a good way to ship to Mattel that day. How it can be in any other case, the paint is purple lacquer which they reminded the nail polishes. inside the seats are upholstered in crimson and white. in the glove field will lipstick and mirrors LED courtesy lighting fixtures to be able to bring make-up on board the five hundred.

There are shining in the course of the glass carrier, as will also be considered within the fourth picture in the gallery. It has additionally designed a protecting tarp that looks from the Fiat 500 of the 60’s and contains the very signing of Barbie.

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