Fly Freely with JetLev

The dream of anyone can fly freely appears that become a truth, Lars Ramke the designer of this revolutionary tool, stated that the Flyer-JetLev just lately in Dusseldorf, which you could reach a top of 15 meters and develop a maximum speed of about 70 km / h. much more dramatic is the fact that that you may go back and forth a distance of 300 kilometers.

Ramke no longer offer any important points on its web page, but in step with Der Westen, a floating pump driven by using a four-stroke engine (one hundred fifteen to a hundred thirty horsepower) sends water via a hose of about 50 meters lengthy. appears like quite a lot of gadgets Martin Jet %, and the belt Thunderpack flying, even supposing JetLev is the one one who makes use of water propulsion.

In JetLev come what may have the ability to expertise the sensation experienced Yves Rossy, referred to as JetMan when he crossed the English Channel.

learning to use the Flyer-JetLev not take more than six minutes, when you have U.S. $ 128,000 can get yours that comes with exact instructions for use. even supposing for that price, most consumers are Russian billionaires.

listed below are the JetLev training;

and this’s the other JetLev coaching;

Your dream of personal flight is eventually coming authentic!

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