Lotus Evora GX for U.S. Grand-Am sequence

Lotus Evora GX for U.S. Grand-Am sequence

Lotus, well-recognized the sports activities vehicles maker, has released a new variation of the GTC tweaked that dubbed the Lotus Evora GX. This automotive is appears designed for the requirements of Grand-Am’s new GX classification, which will have to be launch on the 2013 race season.

Coming with light-weight carbon-fibre doors, roof and engine duvet, in addition to plexiglass bodywork, the new Evora GX is similar to the GTC. New one has 1,150kg weight that simply 10kg over the weight of the GTC edition. The 2012 Lotus Evora GX brings a brand new gas filler gadget paired with yellow headlamps and Continental tires. Its four-litre V6 engine can pump out 440bhp.

in keeping with press unlock, the Lotus Evora GX can be built to order with price ticket $335,000 each and every.

Lotus Evora GX Gallery

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