Mercedes 280 – 1972

With the brand new 280, Mercedes energy to complete its range “success” of 200 to 250 – an engine in two variations, 4 new models: 280, 280E, 280C, 280CE.

To be more freedom on the road to force with most safety and sportsmanship courteous motorists will have to have confidence within the perfection of a mechanical breakdown.
for this reason, Mercedes deals 4 new 280 models equipped with a new 6-cylinder engine provided in two variations, injection and carburetor. within the wake of the success of 200 to 250 and the highest of this vary the 280, 280 E, 280 C, 280 EC is outlined as a brand new “temperament” Mercedes. The châssi safety Mercedes is designed to allow with none possibility, the usage of the engine to its most energy.

New engines double camshaft
6-cylinder, 2.8 l, double overhead camshaft, the new 280 engines are among the many newest creations of the global vehicle contruction. The document consumption efficiency is extremely beneficial and ordinary for engines this class, with height speeds of sports and an awfully powerful acceleration troublesome to imagine:
Mercedes 280 E/280 EC, 210 hp SAE (185 hp DIN), injection-mail: 0 to 100 km / h: 9.9 s, 200 km / h.
Mercedes C 280/280, a hundred and eighty hp SAE (a hundred and sixty hp DIN), double carburetor reversed: 0 to one hundred km / h: 10.6 s, one hundred ninety km / h.

Maitriser power
Having a exceptional engine energy, but at any second to handle regulate, is no longer it extra necessary?
The 4 new Mercedes 280 models were designed with this in thoughts: more suitable braking machine, radial tires carcass of better dimension, a reservoir of 78l.
among the many new features of 280, it will have to also be cited: a big innovation with colors associated to safety, interior fittings totally different, a switch for running intermittent wipers. The flagship paper towel (not obligatory).

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