Mercedes Benz bargains Three kinds of Hybrid car concept

even though the cost of gasoline is down, it does not imply the car producer will not be thinking to make a automobile that cost-environment friendly fuels, for example is a Mercedes Benz automobile, so as to showcase eco-pleasant in Auto show in Detroit.

Mercedes Benz will show off atmosphere pleasant cars with three idea that’s BlueZero E-Cell, BlueZero F-Cell and BlueZero E-Plus.

BlueZero E-Cell is a automobile that uses power Lithium-Ion battery that may run the distance so far as one hundred km with one refill for 2 hours.
BlueZero F-Cell is a automobile that uses power Hydrogen fuel-Cell.
meanwhile BlueZero E-Plus is a automotive that makes use of electrical energy, which can run as far as 603 km distance.

With so many variations are offered, at least, the Mercedes Benz enthusiasts can choose the kind where the most applicable.


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