Mercedes S400 BlueHybrid: Hybrid automobile with a Lithium Ion battery

Hybrid automobile are circulating this time, almost all using the battery type Nickel-steel Hydride, but with a special Hybrid car from the Mercedes Benz is one.

Mercedes Benz S400 BlueHybrid type is the only Hybrid automobile that uses Lithium Ion battery sort that’s more environment friendly when compared with the Nickel-steel. via the usage of this sort of battery, Mercedes Benz certain that this car can run 30 miles per gallon (12.7 kilometers per 1 liter).

you might even see much less as “least expensive” however as a car engine with a capability of three.5V liter V-6, we believe this is excellent sufficient.

The constraints confronted by the use of Lithium Ion battery type is the extent of heat higher however the Mercedes Benz declare that they have got successfully created the Lithium Ion battery for vehicles that may generate warmth under 60 levels Celsius.

according to the plan this automotive will probably be launched in 2009.


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