Mitsubishi Minicab CNG, on sale in Japan

even though the slowdown in world crude oil costs, the global dependence on oil is still very excessive, particularly if there’s no oil car, the same aren’t moving a pile of scrap metal, and the growing downside of global warming, making the performance of the unique depot to are trying to find alternative technology building, so MITSUBISHI JAPAN works required on each day for the commercial purpose vehicles, the introduction of Minicab CNG “gasoline automobile”, now not handiest in line with increasingly more stringent regulations, for the first dwelling they can store on fuel costs.

April 6 at the reputable on the japanese sales Minicab CNG, in line with its light commercial automobile MITSUBISHI for Minicab Van groundwork and it’s to put in compressed pure fuel two seater ($21,a hundred thirty) and a version with four seats ($21,430) to draw consumers. Loading capacity of eighty one liters (28 liters × 2.25 l × 1) pure gasoline Minicab CNG, mild state the usage of fuel can also be driven 290 kilometers, if the follow-up petrol-engine airplane with greater than 4 hundred kilometers drive, so robust and can cut back the traffic capacity carbon dioxide emissions and gasoline consumption, on this generation of recession is a giant help.

MITSUBISHI therefore CNG automobile line-up at a gradual enlargement, and will also iMiEV mass production in July this year, sales, coupled with the just about the entire car line as the standard CVT is provided with, at the financial downturn might also have to remember the development of energy-saving environmental safety, and create any other new trade opportunities.

Minicab CNG: New mini Mitsubishi automobile runs on natural gasoline

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