modification Porsche 911 With The Electrical machine

modification Porsche 911 With The Electrical desktop, sure, automotive legendary Porsche 911 is a popular car, however it’s the result of the modification of the German automobile Modifiers RUF car isn’t wasteful gas and friendly atmosphere.

Posrche 911 engine is replaced with machines that use electricity 96 Lithium-ion batteries which might be placed in the front and back.

With this new engine, Porsche 911 velocity must be “somewhat” slow as a result of this change make the car (after the engine is replaced) can only be up to speed 257 km/hour and the time for zero-100 km per hour, takes 7 seconds. It appears there are still slightly quick, especially if the drinving in a crowded boulevard, simply 60 km / hour for maximum speed.

To fill up it, the car can go so far as a hundred and eighty miles (290 km).

As additional information, with the usage of gas (now not amendment), Porsche 911 Turbo can also be as much as 305 km / hour and for the zero-one hundred km / hour, takes 3.7 seconds.


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