Nissan shrewd Transport gadget: technology to avoid automobile Collision with Pedestrian

Many accidents that took place between the pedestrian crossing and the auto. although no knowledge are accurate, however we imagine many.

Nissan will start to advance a device known as “Nissan sensible Transport gadget” is a security machine as a way to cut back the extent of accidents due to a pedestrian.

this system uses the GPS alerts in a special type of cellphone (which can also be integrated with the navigation system in the Nissan automobile), which is used by the driving force.

When cars go the crossroad or a residential house of dense inhabitants, with the help of this system (GPS sign detection) can provide a sound and show on the monitor when there are pedestrian encounters.

The pilot check might be performed in the residential house Atsugi, Kanagawa. it is a pilot test that involved many people and fees, Nissan involving 500 folks pedestrian, 200 driver and cooperation with the largest cellular operator in Japan, NTT DoCoMo.


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