Nissan NV2500: cellular administrative center automobile idea

Nissan NV2500 is one of those automotive business worth (industry) plan in order to be in an instant launched in 2010 in North america. When speaking to the automobile trade, most of us would assume the car items.

but that’s offered via Nissan NV2500 is not just a automotive but in addition deals the concept of “mobile place of job.” in the automotive that almost 6 meters in size, we will create a small place of work as a result of it is supplied in a table following a computer with the seat, a cabinet document, small tables for meeting and different.

Nissan NV2500 offers 3 zone / area in car, first is the realm for drivers, second is space for passengers, third is the work house to space to carry goods. within the roof of the car, rather than have a transparent roof to offer lights within the day, have also been equipped with solar panels with the intention to generate electricity for the needs of present place of work tools, starting from laptop and different.

With the Nissan NV2500, we will run our industry any place, appropriate for folk within the metropolis which might be incessantly jammed, no less than wasted time on account of the jammed roads.

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