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McCar from Geely

Geely (Volvo’s chinese language father or mother), one of the crucial major car makers in China, has offered the idea that car at chinese language TransformerOver in Shanghai, called the McCar. The car will also be transformed in line with the

Porsche 911 RUF Roadster Sportscar

The Ruf Roadster is the newest RUF’s advent of Alois Ruf and his group. the iconic sportscar is electrified by using the unique 1967 Porsche 911 Targa. one of the most numerous characteristic of the RUF Roadster is the bar going

MS Queen Elizabeth, New super Cruise

MS Queen Elizabeth ship is owned by way of Carnival organization & p.c.and this ship can also be operated by way of Carnival UK. The MS Queen Elizabeth is a cruise ship of Cunard Line fleet, which has total weight of

picket plane with 1.4l Peugeot AX 106 diesel engine

This small plane is the usage of a 1.4-liter diesel engine, similar to the Peugeot 106 and Citroen AX engine. This airplane with Peugeot AX 106 engine powers is able a maximum cruising velocity of 250km/h and 1000 toes per minute

Xenatec Coupé transforming Maybach 57S

Xenatec crew, a Germany coach of luxury automobiles has been launched extra unique version of the Maybach 57S that called the Xenatec Coupé. it is more impressive automobile with dynamic interpretation of luxury that in line with the Maybach 57S with