Peugeot HYmotion3: Three-Wheeled motorbike with the Hybrid Engine

force motor is incredible, especially when traffic-jam however once the rain, be capable to moist. that is perhaps the inspiration for Peugeot with the most recent manufactured from their bike, “Peugeot HYmotion3“. HYmotion3 is a bike with three wheels that have a protective protected from the above that of wind and rain (no longer 100% but a ways higher than the open).

HYmotion3 (125 cc) engine makes use of Hybrid engine like Toyota Prius that do not require fuel when operating in low speed. even supposing diesel engines use the desktop, HYmotion3 make sure that the pollution are very small.

Use 2 wheels on the entrance, seem like the design of the Piaggio MP3, but they make certain that their design is extra stable and more turning around is small radius.

in the meantime, the HYmotion3 only show on exhibition, precisely in the automobile exhibition in Paris (Paris Motor exhibit 2008).


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