RCA (Royal faculty of art) idea vehicles

These automobiles are in accordance with the concept that’s RCA (Royal college of artwork) world-well known application of car design, which has produced many remarkable designers over its forty years of existence. Now that virtually all main automobile manufacturers have announced plans for an energy-environment friendly automobile, it seems truly exciting to chart the territory that future incursions into the design of the car can take.

Iomega idea with the aid of joonas vartola

Pierre Sabas’ Airflow idea encases an electric motor and a suspension of international constructed solely of glass, whereas Jon Radbrink of Nuaero automobile integrates subtle aerodynamic principles reminiscent of airfoils, a venturi tunnel, and a catamaran-esque low with the intention to maximize their effectivity.

Phoenix idea by Sergio Loureiro da Silva

Sergio Loureiro Da Silva rocket-pink Phoenix automotive pairs beautiful aerodynamic curves with a gadget that regenerates lost energy via movement.

Iomega concept by joonas vartola

Arturo Peralta Nogueras’ futuristic automobile runs on algae and has a robust development of the hologram technology to adapt to its atmosphere, passengers, and situations.

Winner: Airflow idea through Pierre Sabas

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