Rinspeed iChange Prototype

Rinspeed, the Swiss manufacturer of unique vehicles reminiscent of Splash and Chopster introduce next month at the Geneva Motor show a prototype called Rinspeed iChange that adapts to the selection of passengers is on the inside to attenuate consumption when handiest one individual touring in its.

Some parts of its body transfer to take an aerodynamic most suitable best when the driving force is the use of. If folks climb it (it has as much as three locations), with the aid of the load and aerodynamics consumption suffers.

The vehicle has no doors, to get admission to their inner need to lift the roof has a local of 1.03 meters lengthy. This ceiling is raised through electrical, with a peculiarity in the open: no key, because the performance it performs an Apple iPhone.

The iPhone also serves as a regulate for probably the most options of the automobile, similar to intermittent and lights, both site visitors and emergency.

Its engine is an optional a hundred and fifty kW, 200 hp, with which the iChange reaches 220 km / h and accelerates from zero to a hundred in simply over 4 seconds. These figures are completed because of its reduced weight, 1,050 kg. despite being electrical, it has a gearbox six marches inherited from a Subaru WRX.

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