SSC final Aero II Supercar in photography and information

The SSC ultimate Aero II is guarantees to beat the records of the Bugatti that constructing the Veryron Supersport this 12 months, hence develop into the arena’s quickest car, beating the 440km/h (also beating the file of their ancestor, the final Aero II).

As we may also be considered in wedge design aesthetic has developed into rounded strains and cockpit impressed with the aid of a armed forces fighter more likes the Ferrari P4/5. The power of round 1,350 hp from a 6.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8, perhaps, exceeds the velocity file to develop into an excellent historical past.

The SSC final Aero II supercar shall be priced at $970,000.

SSC final Aero II: more images and info
SSC final Aero II Supercar in images and information

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