Sunseeker II: solar-Powered airplane

The Sunseeker II plane sunlight powered will fly over Europe after its presentation on the Expo-flight April 2nd – 5th. The route will probably be longer Sunseeker due to the fact that 1990 when its predecessor, Sunseeker I crossed the U.S. in 21 flights with 121 hours spent within the air.

the new Sunseeker II has extensively more desirable its efficiency, this might have made changes within the wings, has elevated the area of sunlight cells, has a extra powerful engine and new lithium polymer batteries also contribute in the most effective results.

The tour covers eight nations: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France and Spain. Sunseeker II was once designed by using Eric Raymond an skilled in aircraft engineering.

Sunseeker II solar Powered aircraft Takes Off

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