Toyota Venza Crossover 2009, Sedan and SUV

Straddles a few kinds, which is without delay sedan, SUV and crossover in step with the will expressed by means of its manufacturer, the brand new Toyota Venza is offered on the show in Detroit and a priori reserved solely for the domestic market American (america) and only beginning with the aid of the end of 2008.

The engines are normally used American, namely petrol: a conventional (for us) four-cylinder in-line 2.7 liter energy no longer given and a traditional V6 (for american citizens) three.5 litres of 268 hp. The transmission makes use of automation (6 experiences) with an possibility sequentially. The Toyota Venza is a conventional 4X2 (RWD) in present use, and turns into an extended 4X4 demand.

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