Trion Nemesis American-made supercar with 2000hp

Trion Nemesis American-made supercar with 2000hp

Trion, the supercar manufacturer start-up, has recently rolled out a new vehicle and dubbed the Trion Nemesis. Develop and made by American, this supercar has aerodynamic design that constructed with a carbon fiber chassis. Its body is constructed by using an Inconel alloy mixed within.

Trion-Nemesis-SuperCar-2 Trion-Nemesis-SuperCar-4

Beyond its ‘strong’ body, Trion Nemesis can reach 270.49 mph (435.31 km/h) speed record. It is carrying a massive 2000 hp engine that enables got the world record territory of 270 mph. Trion Nemesis supercar have an 8 speed sequential transmission along with multiple driving modes (one of them is a predator mode).


New Nemesis car delivers active aerodynamics, suspension exhaust, modified height, and more. The Company believes the supercar will become one of the world’s fastest cars. Sadly, availability and pricing of this American-made supercar is mystery at this point.

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