The know-how Variable valve Timing and raise digital keep watch over (electronic timer and revolutionary opening valves) Honda used to be designed to reinforce combustion effectivity. It used to be invented by the designer Ikuo Kajitani (Father of VTEC). The VTEC machine gives a variety of energy in excessive pace whereas sustaining the ability and torque at low velocity. the 2 valves “VTEC” have a tail valve into two elements, related by a room stuffed with oil. A piston can elevate or lower the force in this room. When the pressure is low, the impetus given by way of the cam shaft isn’t transmitted to the valve: The valve remains closed completely. This operation can be progressive (variable opening). When the force is high, the valve behaves like a valve “commonplace” in a single piece: The valve opens like any other.

The VTEC system used to be introduced by using Honda in its vary of motorcycles in 1999 on the CB four hundred tremendous four. It used to be previously used on sure fashions of vehicles whose CRX and Integra. From 2002, the collection of bikes VFR VTEC additionally has this method.

the primary series of VTEC engine is the C30A (3.0l; 280cv) suited for the NSX in 1989 the primary VTEC engine “folks” is the B16A1 (1.6l; 150cv), mounted in the CIVIC VT-I (EE9) and CRX VT-I (EE8) 91 … that allows you to then be adopted with the aid of B16A2 equipping 2 generations of Civic (EG6, EG9 and EK4) and CRX (EG2), from 1991 to 2000 and might be 1 engine series to have a efficiency (energy / litre engine capacity) 100cv / l with 1.6l and 160cv!
here’s a video showing the functioning of VTEC:

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