Xenatec Coupé transforming Maybach 57S

Xenatec crew, a Germany coach of luxury automobiles has been launched extra unique version of the Maybach 57S that called the Xenatec Coupé.

it is more impressive automobile with dynamic interpretation of luxury that in line with the Maybach 57S with a foreign physique has been totally modified a two door and a very comfortable 4-seat. Xenatec Coupé is gives uncompromised relief together with ample area and sophisticated agility.

the outside design of Xenatec Coupé is Fredrik Burchhardt, the person has finishing up a prototype that was slightly well-known, the Maybach Exelero. The Exelero used to be introduced in Berlin in may 2005.

within the mechanical aspect, the Xenatec Coupé has incorporates a twelve cylinder engine in turbocharged V and an output of 550 HP (horsepower).

The Xenatec Coupé will be very restricted gadgets that being created for one hundred gadgets best and handcrafted in Germany. Xenatec Coupé is built to particular person consumer specifications with opportunities for personalization such as other bespoke options, becoming of a pitcher roof. it is expected selling for prices of 675,000 euros per unit before tax.

Xenatec Coupé transforming Maybach 57S

Xenatec Coupé

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